Tuesday, September 04, 2007

they say it better

Oh man, this meme is such an enabler of my nostalgia addiction. I had to refresh a few times, but these are my favorite haikus, ripped from the pages of our recent blog entries.

Haiku2 for rebecita
heh oh a tidbit
of real life news got have
a backlog of things

Haiku2 for rebecita
even in spanish
here my only complaint is
that we celebrate

Haiku2 for rebecita
not to wait before
i even get out the door
to close it bracing


  1. Oh, why do you tell us about these things? Too addictive (I think I may have a new blog post soon though)!

  2. Also, when I went to the site one of the haiku from your site was on the page so I clicked on Rebecita and got this:

    eat some fruit decide
    not to do any of the
    talks or discussion

  3. ooh! i like that one.

    i want a turtle girl haiku!!

  4. I posted to the TG blog, but here's a bonus haiku for you (since I went back and played some more):

    i'm going to be
    completely accurate she
    did do something new