Friday, September 28, 2007

una chiste para todos

Well. Mmmm... insomnia. I resent the times that my excessively late bedtimes aren't actually by choice. I place the blame squarely at the feet of the large quantity of coffee ice cream i consumed late in the evening... i even ordered the "tiny" size!! Damn you texan sized portions. Can't wait to get up in 3 hours to meet Richard at the lake for canoeing! Heh. BUT - after running through all the songs on my piddly 512 mb mp3 player, I fell back on the built-in fm tuner, and the early morning comedy hour on "la ley." Yes, that's some quality programming. (What's the point of this story Rebecca? I like stories.) I'm not one for jokes, I seem to have inherited my mother's inability to remember punchlines. I know exactly one joke, only because I had to translate it to Spanish for a class in high school. And, just as I was about to give up on the comic stylings of el chulo y la bola - they told my joke! In Spanish! Oh insomnia, you were worth it after all. Well, not really. But - my joke!

Enfermera: Doctor, un hombre esta esperando. Cree que es invisible.
Psiquiatrico: Digale que no puedo verle.

(Nurse: Doctor, there's a man waiting. He thinks he's invisible.
Psychiatrist: Tell him I can't see him.)

Thank you, and good night!


  1. I hates insomnia, I hates 'em. It's been a few months since my last bout, thankfully. And oh, how I look back with nostalgia on the days when my caffeine tolerance was low enough that coffee ice cream could give me any kind of buzz, even by the quart...

    --M, who's apparently in a postin' mood!

  2. 1) My inbox this morning consisted of 3 comments from M followed by 3 "bored at work" emails from Katie.
    Now THAT's the way every morning should start.

    2) Richard woke me up earlier to say he'd overslept and to push our canoeing off til Monday. NO problem there. So now I'm something approaching well rested, and waiting for KT and R to come home so we can go convention grocery shopping!

  3. !Chistes, que bueno! Hola a su amigos. (I think, "a big shout out" is much more heartwarming.

    ps front page of Trib has pix and stories about green stuff actions in Austin, the heart of the bush. Also, more on point, Barack did a video op here in OP, at Peterson's ice cream store, which furnished free iscream for all the 50 odd crowd. No followups on any too excited to sleep.