Friday, September 07, 2007

Voice rest redux

[NOTA BENE: Please be aware that Rebecca has also just posted, so please be sure to keep scrolling down. Her post would be sitting right here except that, unbeknownst to her, I have put myself back under another 48 hours of self-imposed voice rest (it became apparent when my new cyst-free voice started sounding as pitiful as my old cyst-full voice that I'd perhaps been, um, overdoing it a tad) and thus am once again trapped at home with no one to pour out my sorrows to but YOU! Actually, I don't have terribly many sorrows at the moment; my most pressing one is that I got distracted writing this paragraph and burned a pot full of quinoa. Damn.]

Jan-Erik - quite possibly my favorite boyfriend-of-someone-who-isn't-me, though I'm perfectly willing to consider conflicting nominations - is in town for a conference; he came to the sing on Wednesday and came out to eat with us afterwards, which was a fantastic treat. We're trying to plan another date with him, hopefully tomorrow night rather than tonight, because if I had to spend much time around him and Alexa and R all at the same time without being able to laugh out loud I might pop a blood vessel, for real. I suppose that would qualify as a worthy enough cause to suspend my voice rest, though... does blood vessel trump vocal cord? I'll have to look into that...

In other news, our friends E & S in Alaska just had a baby. E sent links to some pictures that a photographer friend of hers had her model for towards the end of her pregnancy, and although it probably violates all sorts of ethical codes to post one of them here, I'm going to do so anyhow for one week only, because damn, who WOULDN'T want to look like this when they're pregnant:

[Editor's Note: Photo has expired. Please consult other websites for pictures of hot mamas.]

E was the curator at the museum where Christina and I worked... yep, that's right, the one whose dog became deathly ill on our watch. In honor of Alaska (and because I just spent the past 10 minutes reading about it as I crawled through circa-2005 posts in order the find the one I just linked to), allow me a self-indulgent moment to re-post my Top Five Things I Miss About The Lower 48 list, which I'd forgotten I came up with... ah, this takes me back:

1. Fresh herbs (And, really, any produce that doesn't crawl onto your doorstep to die within minutes of purchasing it. Do you people know how lucky you are that your bananas have a "yellow" stage in between "bright green" and "dark brown"??? Or that you might conceivably get to witness a point in your scallions' life cycle when they still stand up by themselves???)
2. Shape note singing
3. Live music not performed by locals with more earnest enthusiasm than talent, bless their tone-deaf little hearts
4. Inter-library loan
5. Autumn (well, a little late for that, but a girl can still dream)

The good news? We get numbers 1-4 in abundance here. The bad news? 18 months in Austin and we're still hoping for something that resembles autumn. Wait for it... wait for it...

Okay, time to attempt another pot of quinoa. I'm off... please feel free to talk amongst yourselves.




  1. Yay, KT voice rest! Err, sorry, I should exhibit more sympathy, but it seems to exponentially increase your posting frequency so I can't help my enthusiasm.

    Also I'm fully supportive of any and all efforts to protect your beautiful new voice so that you can singlouderkatie!

    But yes, readers, please do also scroll down or you might miss BOOBIES! plus i just added a new link to MANU CHAO'S NEW ALBUM!

  2. I am quite jealous that I did not get said pictures of E - or the birth announcement email! I will have to take it up with her, I know she must not have anything better to do...