Tuesday, October 23, 2007

and shadows pass away

+ My computer is alive again!

- Still facing one more night of limited internet, as the repair place misplaced my power supply, effectively negating the replacement of the power port. And, I must gripe. Did they a) offer me a discount or b) apologize? No, they a) repeatedly suggested I hadn't really brought it in and b) offered to SELL me a new one.

+ The more competent boss did find it after the fact, so starting tomorrow I'll be fully hooked up. And honestly, Rebecca - unlimited internet = a much healthier more well-rounded person with an earlier bedtime.

+ My weekend getaway to portland was quite fabulous. Have YOU ever stayed at a haunted rock and roll brewpub / hotel?? That's what I thought. Also featuring... Lots of quality time with the Austin gang. A walk down scenic Insterstate Ave, across the bridge to downtown, dinner at a COMBINATION YOGA STUDIO / VEGAN RAW RESTAURANT CALLED LOTUS SOMETHING OR OTHER which luckily was quite tasty or I would have to make even more fun of it - I had the BBQ tempeh plate... mmmm, followed by a fancy chocolate from the fancy chocolate shop across the street (which also uses organic everything and agave, geez). Staying out of the rain on Saturday. Too many trips to the airpot. (Next time you're taking the damn freeway Richard!)

And the singing! And the food. No more need be said on those counts.

And the fellowship, which featured more local beer, lots of bay area friends, and even more western mass transplants. Had forgotten they do an extra long singing school, David Ivey was great of course. Among other feats, in two hours he managed to cover pretty much everything I took out of my ill fated semester of music theory in college. (Not to mention he's a much snappier dresser than Prof Hoyt.)

- The curtains have finally closed on the Extra Special Marathon Fall Season of Travel and Quality Time. Probably won't see KT and R until MARCH! I'll just be over in the corner crying. (In a puddle of my own tears, having lost the will to go on, as it were.)

+ My traveling is over but I will have more visitors... starting with me mom, tomorrow! Lauren, MP, and Becky have all threatened fall visits so hopefully at least one will come through.

- Monday I cooked for the after-school gig again. This gets a minus because the hour I should have been at the school setting up I spent sitting on my car waiting for AAA to unlock it and rescue my keys, my phone, the contact info of my partners in crime, and all the food for the class. With NOTHING to do but ponder my stupidity. Everything went ok in the end, but I was so crazy stressed out and annoyed at myself.

- At work today I ate pizza and pumpkin pie for lunch. Funny how I don't feel so good right now... thank god the farmers market will rescue me with fresh produce tomorrow.

+ I'm actually working 5 full shifts in the next 7 days. Almost like a real full time job! Look at that!

+ Unexpected praise is always fun, so I just want to bask in the many emails in my inbox thanking me for my singing last week, and the many compliments I got on my dress this weekend!

+ It was sunny and 84 today. So long, Portland.

+ There are more pluses than minuses, so in conclusion, my life is not totally without meaning. Or something.

Coming soon: pictures! (Surely to be followed immediately by KT's shinier and more numerous pictures.)


  1. Rebeeeeeeeeccaaaaaaaaa! We miss yoooooouuuuuuuuuu!

    We may have to put in a conference call to you tomorrow night when J comes to town and we recount our PDX weekend for her ;)

  2. How about pix of the wonderful dress?