Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Best. Holiday. Ever.

You, remember, El Dia del Escudo Nacional! I put out my Ecuadorian flag.

Well, I wish I were in Poland or Peru, where apparently everyone knows Halloween is just for show. Santa Cruz on the other hand does Halloween big. Pacific Ave is closed off and they've been warning for months that "there will be law enforcement agents from 9 municipalities" out. Apparently it turns into one big costume party out there. Already plenty of trick or treaters were toting peppers and avocados from the farmer's market alongside their candy. A live show of Rocky Horror is playing "in rock and roll concert style" at the Rio. And here I am, at the library, with the 3 other people who aren't causing mayhem. Apparently the crazies stay in on Halloween... the guy across from me is carrying on passionately to the space where his neighbor used to be before he got cranky and left.

Another big earthquake last night... nope, nope sure didn't notice. I was driving home and was pretty out of it after having a bit of a cold and working all day, is the only excuse I can offer. At 5.6. it was the biggest since the infamous 1989 quake apparently. My roommate says the walls shook.

Update on Mr Chatty... the poor librarian had no luck in ushering his one sided conversation outside, but then a guy behind me piped up with "would you shut up!" and without skipping a beat he goes "sure!" And he did.

OK, I'm off home. Thanks for your excellent suggestions. I did pick up some healthyish treats, I tried to get a big variety and I'll report on the results. Otherwise I think I'll kick back with a pumpkin beer and continue the OC marathon. Happy holidays.

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  1. I know earthquakes cover a fairly wide radius, but it got me thinking... how far are you from yuji right now?