Monday, October 01, 2007

I am going home today / in the narrow gospel way

Somehow 10 days have gone by, and I'm a few hours away from a flight back to California. My parting from KT/R would be the cause for much lamentation, except that this is HARDLY the end to our quality time this fall. Just 8 days after I leave, I'll be picking up Richard for his long weekend in Santa Cruz, and then the next weekend I'm meeting them both in Portland for another convention. Whew! A balanced travel plan we came up with, clearly...

Before I get ahead of myself, perhaps I should turn back to THIS trip. Well, it's not so hard to fill you in... just picture a lot of singing. And grocery shopping. And cooking. And eating. I also managed to fit in a hike, a canoe trip, and a visit to the capitol building (rather impressive if you can look past the portrait of george w). No live music of the non-sacred harp persuasion, unless you count our night out at the local honkytonk hotspot (i was convinced to take exactly one two-stepping spin around the dancefloor with R. Better than salsa, but a dancer I am not.) or the spontaneous johnny paycheck duet we were treated to at the social.

Back to the singing. I don't have the words. Jenna also made this claim, but then delivered better words than I can find. (Hope you don't mind my linking.)
I just offer a hearty amen.

Hmm, can you add a postscript to an Amen? Here goes. Since in the end, these posts are really for me. And my sense of posterity. (And, err, for anyone who may be googling sacred harp. Yes, you.)
- My very first cooper convention! The good old red book, I will never find it tedious. As someone said this weekend, every year the book grows heavier with memories. But musically, it was so much fun to stretch myself with songs that are fresh to me, amidst people who have been singing them for generations. And they sound GOOD. Especially in that room. Goll-LEE.
- Specifically. The gospel numbers are fun, in moderation. REALLY cool to hear those few songs that I know from the Harp of Ages at full-blast (Eden of Love). Dig the "slower in 4" style down here. Don't mind the 2387465 differing alto parts, but got caught out on so many where it's just a note here or there. (Or just a missing accidental! So jarring to sing cowper that way.) Similarly, all those songs where the oral tradition changed up a few of the words.
- As Jenna mentioned, what a ridiculously amazing blessing to be able to walk into any singing across the country and be among family. I've been so thankful to the California singers I've met this year. It gets even better down here where everyone shakes your hand "good morning."
- "My country tis of thee" in 4 part harmony? Surprisingly powerful.
- And most importantly. Cowboy boots with sunday best. Love it.

Ok. Can you tell I'm on a post-convention high? I'll stop now. Oh, except that the local public radio station did a story on sunday... you can listen to a nice clip online with interviews and music in the background.

Off to pack. When I hit home I'll be sure to post all those pictures of rocks. I might even provide commentary on the rocks.

Actually, this trip has been a great source of inspiration/perspective putting, which perhaps you couldn't tell from all the talk about rocks and singing. More on that too.

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  1. i miss you already! safe travels. xoxoxo ps it's my book, but the one of your book is pretty awesome, too.