Friday, October 19, 2007

Onward and upward to Portland!

Okay, really, I SWEAR this is the last time I'll post back-to-back with Rebecca and knock her post out of first place. Really. But I seem to be pulling a classic Rebecca And Katie by staying up all night for absolutely no reason (I could easily have gotten all this mandatory packing and housecleaning out of the way before bedtime, but I just plain didn't) so I'll post a few things and then be on my merry way to bed. Or Oregon. Whichever comes first.

Regarding The Darjeeling Express: I was reading a post on Racialicious about Wes Anderson the other day, which linked to "Unbearable Whiteness: That queasy feeling you get when watching a Wes Anderson movie." Okay, I enjoyed The Royal Tenenbaums as much as anybody, but I thought this article was pretty spot-on.

Regarding Rebecca: I realized I never raved about how fabulous it was to have her here! I'll see her in a little over 12 hours, rendering this rave virtually obsolete, but I couldn't let that one slide. Don't you wish you had your own temporary live-in Natural Chef to teach you how to peel garlic with Mason jars and fill you with the (well-founded but still slightly irrational) fear that your walnuts were going to give you cancer unless you put them in the freezer RIGHT NOW? We managed to take her yet again to the only restaurant she's ever been to in Austin, taught her all about the Texas singer family trees, and feasted upon the amazing dinner she cooked us. What more could you ask for from a visit? (Well, excluding a run along the beach, lemons picked in your own backyard, and a 30-person sing in your own living room. Shut up, Rebecca.)

Regarding karate: I am now officially a blue belt! Meaning that, for the first time, I've earned a belt, not purchased it. I feel marginally more important already. The day of 1,000 kicks approaches and I think our dojo has almost reached our fundraising goal, which is tremendously exciting. If any of you who might not have donated yet want to go to to sponsor my kicks and help push us over our goal, I would be absolutely delighted. My ode offer is closed (I've got my work cut out for me in that department...) but you'll still get a handmade special thank-you gift from me for donating any amount. I can't promise it will arrive in anything resembling a timely manner, but I promise you'll get it. If you don't have the faintest idea what I'm talking about, go here.

Regarding people who are more dedicated than I: I also forgot to mention that, before going on vacation, Richard sewed his own down-filled sleeping bag. While I was thoroughly unable to appreciate the technical prowess of this accomplishment (R: "It weighs less than anything of equal warmth currently on the market!" K: "Oh my god, it has a DRAWSTRING!"), I was still pretty damn impressed.

Regarding places where it's not summer all year long: Portland is supposed to be in the 50's. I've gotta say, I no longer have any idea what that feels like. I'm packing as best as I can, but I can't figure out for the life of me whether my clothes will be too warm or too cold. Alexa just had to go out and buy a pair of close-toed dress shoes specifically for this convention because she only owns open-toed ones. WHAT'S BECOME OF US?????

Regarding the previously-mentioned Lance Armstrong photo that we auctioned off: I was wrong, it didn't go for four hundred dollars, it went for SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY. Someone loves them some Lance. Good lord.

Regarding DVD's I check out of the library when Richard's not around: Our local branch has a pitiful, pitiful selection of DVD's, consisting of a few generic blockbusters insterspersed with a few generic 1950's classics interspersed with a few other strange things that I've never heard of. Such was how I ended up with the exceedingly random British miniseries "Bob and Rose." Six episodes about a gay man and a straight woman who fall in love. Okay, I'm listening. The potential for handling this subject matter badly is probably limitless, but the cover said it was by the creator of (the British) "Queer As Folk" so I decided to take my chances. Oh man, this show is DELIGHTFUL. Cute, smart, passably funny, no "conversion" bullshit, and starring actors who look refreshingly like REAL PEOPLE. The first three episodes were significantly better than the last three, but I was still completely enamored by the whole thing. Props to Rosie for another excellent export from her motherland!

Regarding the time: Somehow it became 4:19 in the morning and I still have yet to finish packing or wash all my dishes. So I'll bid you all adieu for now... back Wednesday!




  1. i JUST READ THAT ARTICLE and kind of loved it even though i kind of loved royal tenenbaums and am not sure i can love it the same way ever again and i love racialicious and i love you. see you in like, a week!

  2. Congrats on your blue belt! Remember, blue shares two whole letters with black. :)

  3. R in Santa Cruz, you both in Portland...why not just make it a marathon West Coast year and head to LA?! *wink*

    Miss you!