Wednesday, October 10, 2007

we lay our garments by / upon our beds to rest

Richard's here and we have big plans tomorrow (and we're going to bed early katie!), so just a few things:

- Since everyone seemed quite excited by the derby shoutout, here's the full scoop... N was in town last weekend with C for a big job interview in oakland, and had practiced with one of the bay area derby teams, so we met up in san jose to see the league's opening bout. It was sort of a blowout, and the venue was not the best for derby (too big to fill up the audience, and a slippery track) but it was a good time, especially with natalia's expert commentary. And the day before, I had some extra quality time with n and c... i knew she had added an interview in santa cruz and when I called her to find out when she would be down here, she said "well, i'm at cathcart and center street right now." !!! so she got to stop over and use my restroom and pick her own oranges.

- While she raved about my toast, N was not nearly as appreciative of my oranges as Richard. He's sufficiently impressed with my fruit trees, my house, the weather, and most importantly, the farmer's market. Damn straight. Well, that pretty much covers his first afternoon here. Then we ate our way through some local produce and bonded over our mutual love of Matt's sacred harp cd which segued nicely into some 2 part singing. We're pretty psyched for the First Annual Richard's in Town Sacred Harp Singing at My House, this saturday. (With potluck!) We should have a big turnout from Berkeley, South Bay, and local singers. Other non-singing plans involve hiking, apple picking, wine tasting, and wine and cheese party with Rebecca and visiting Ecuadorian beau. Somewhere in there I have to fit in a PPD and R has to buy an ice axe.

- I never even watch his show, but I've sort of vicariously picked up a Stephen Colbert fixation from several friends. (Which I'm sure he would approve of.) His book came out yesterday, and I just had to take a picture of my view from behind the counter after the display went up.

So. Much. Stephen. Again, I think he would approve. Perhaps as much he approved of the book itself, which won the "Stephen T. Colbert Award For The Literary Excellence", and prominently displays this quote on the back: "A powerhouse. I laughed. I cried. I lost 15 pounds." -Stephen Colbert

- And, the obligatory "what I read in Wired at work" link:
The New Weapon in the Border Guard Arsenal: the Dreaded Google Search
It turns out that border officers are allowed to use what they call "open source information" — meaning any and all traces of you online, from Facebook and Flickr to flame wars.

Clearly border guard work productivity has reached the high standard set by me and KT.

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  1. Sounds like another good reason not to buy any books on line. First they take your library checkouts, and now your amazon list et. al. on-line. That´s not paranoia, now is it?