Monday, November 05, 2007

Look, pretty things.

So, now that my computer is nominally fuctional, I'm working on getting pictures of my recent travels up, and then eventually catching up the archived footage from last year. but... i continue to be lazy. So here, for your enjoyment, are a couple of my photoshop experiments I made a few months ago - part of my art for gmail offer.

(Click to see the full size versions)

This one was for one of the ex-Quito-roommates. I was fooling around with different Ecuador photos and ended up with a sky theme.

- The background picture I took climbing Pichincha, looking back at the path and down on Quito.
- I took the Canoa picture over Semana Santa last year.
- Jennie took the Mindo photo between xmas and new years 2005, which was my very first trip out of Quito.
- John's friend Gabriel took the Tungurahua photo from his home in Salasaca, when it was erupting last summer.

This one was for B. From this excellent action shot which I had just unearthed and scanned. Ah, college.


  1. I recognize that bowl!

  2. i forgot how much i love both versions of that action shot.