Sunday, November 11, 2007

our days how swift they are / swift as an indian arrow flies / or like a shooting star

I am happy with today. I finally had a day off that coincided with sun, so I took a long hike at the state park 5 mins up the road. It's just ridiculously beautiful, a restored historic ranch complete with interpretive center, horses, and rusting john deeres in the victorian barns, plus 7,000 acres of trails through the coastal terraces, eucalyptus groves, etc, all overlooking the ocean. Was plenty warm in a tank top, and caught the sunset as I finished. Geez. Why am I leaving Santa Cruz again?

Not to mention that I began my day with singing and ended it by cleaning out some of the farmers market bounty from the fridge.. it magically turned into roasted chestnuts and baked squash with cranberry stuffing.

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Berkeley for Tibetan food with Rebecca, and more singing!


  1. More buttered tea for me please.

  2. well, the tibetan food turned out to be nepalese/indian, but I had some tasty okra. i still want my steamed bread!! come back, little tibet!

  3. wait, i'm starting to wonder if the restaurant closing was a hallucination! their website is still up, and this article seems to suggest it's still operating. who wants to take a field trip to middletown and find out?

  4. so does richard! road trip in march...

  5. "roasted chestnuts and baked squash with cranberry stuffing"

    that sounds really tasty, I wish turtlegirl hadn't gone off squash or I'd definitely be asking for tips/recipe.

    Yesterday they were giving out samples of cranberry relish at the co-op so I let TG have one since she's always trying to persuade me to scoop fresh cranberries for her to try while we're shopping these days. She held the sample cup and munched away happily for half of the time we were shopping (fresh cranberries, orange, apple, pineapple, honey, cinnamon and walnuts).

  6. oh man, tuesday before the sing k and i went to the tibetan place in northampton... prompted by this post and memories of that delicious meal in middletown... and it SUCKED. over priced, frozen cubed carrots and peas, etc. i felt bad since i twisted k's arm to go in the first place. but anyway, report back on the status of the middletown place, because i still dream about that avocado and potato salad.