Saturday, November 24, 2007

Taste of Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! We got dressed up in our finery just for fun, and spent the afternoon cooking and eating at Alexa's... here's a brief pictorial rundown of Richard's second-favorite holiday event of the year (second only to B&Q's caroling party, apparently):

The festive preparations: Alexa monitored the turkey...

...Quincy practiced her posture on Alexa's yoga ball...

...and Bill lit some candles.

A little pre-dinner singing (318 and 475, of course). Football and Denson books, a classic American combination.

The obligatory spread shot. (Of note: my vegan dinner rolls, front left corner, next to Bill's crock pot of gravy, consisting almost entirely of pork fat from Landis Powell's sausage drippings. There's a metaphor in there somewhere.)

We were joined partway through the evening by Brennen and Leo, who had already eaten Thanksgiving dinner somewhere else but still managed to arrive in time for pie and Harp of Ages singing, which is really the way any good event should conclude.

Hope you all spent lovely Thursdays! Must go check on my roasted applesauce, so I'm off...

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  1. whoa, the football / apron / singing picture is awesome. that blows my thanksgiving out of the water.