Sunday, November 18, 2007

The usual (books/singing/food), now more concentrated

A rendering of my life for the past few days, and projected future plans:

Thursday: work.
Fri: work, mr bourdain (aka more work).
Sat: work, cook.
Sun: Clean entire house, host singing, clean some more, work party, procrastinate packing by eating/photographing food/blogging.
Mon (wee hours): procrastinate packing by reading large stack of magazines
Mon (weer hours): pack. sleep?
Mon (morning): meet friend, drive to san jose, fly to chicago.

SO... a bit busier than my normal extended vacation. Not bad though. Workwise I've been racking up the hours, Mr B went swimmingly, our staff appreciation party tonight was a good time. It was just a small potluck thing in our cafe, but did feature much more beer than usually consumed at work, an excellent dj (our newest employee's girlfriend, another rebecca... she goes by "reb" and DJ Rebel. Somehow she pulls it off a bit easier than I would...) who we want to keep around for store hours, a neeeeeerdy staff literary quiz, and a special award for each employee - I came away with "Most Unflappable, able to weather the mightiest tempest of the business while keeping her calm (or something similarly dramatic.) And most likely to be seen drinking out of a jar."

The singing today was really different, but awesome... about 5/10 who showed were completely brand new singers! So it fell on the overworked / highly cafeinated / underqualified hostess to be de facto singing school teacher / leader / pitcher, yeesh. But they were all cool young musical folks, and we had strong singers on all the parts, so we powered through all kinds of things with minimal part review. And somehow, it sounded great! Totally on, which is more than I can say for some much better attended singing I've been to recently. Things are looking up for local singing. Just in time for me to move... eeeeeeeexcellent.

And without further ado, THE RESURRECTION OF THE RECIPE BLOG! My culinary contribution for the events today was what I like to call "A Muffin to be Thankful For." My molasses cornbread recipe spiked with sage and a homemade cranberry sauce filling. Before throwing it together I tried and failed to find a similar recipe anywhere online, which I took to mean that a) it's a terrible idea, something never meant to see the light of day or b) I'm a genius and have invented the world's greatest mega muffin. You decide!

Off to pack do anything but face the mountain of clothes that is my bed. My dad may or may not have called to remind me to bring warm clothes. Have I gone soft? Forgotten my roots? Oh no, bring on the snow. Flight delays, sidewalk shoveling, frostbite... I want the whole package.


  1. "And most likely to be seen drinking out of a jar."

    hahaha... funny because it's true.
    oh, friend, i miss you!

  2. Holy frankenmuffins, Batman. They sound terrifying. I can't wait to try them.

  3. I may have to start calling you DJ Rebel.

  4. Does it mean that you're done with culinary school and moving back to Chicago? And are you planning to come to Western Mass. anytime soon?