Saturday, December 15, 2007

bring me flesh and bring me wine, bring me pine logs hither

My dad made me all nostalgic for last year's month o retail work when he sent greetings from the popcorn store. But it's ok, I've moved up in the world. After a cross country move and 5 months of school, I sport the following marks of success:
- I no longer depend on my parents for shelter or transportation
- I live free from fear of snow, ice, and windstorms
- AND, best of all, I control the music. Last year's holiday retail soundtrack meant a default choice between popular country or "Lite FM top 5 xmas hits on repeat" at popcorn, and a corporately enforced choice between christmas music or the beatles at Borders. This year we listen to... gasp... whatever non-seasonal music I damn well want to hear! (with a healthy dose of sufjan's songs for christmas or "christmas with the ratpack" of course.)

Since my last post, some stuff happened.
- got carded buying chocolate AND stopped at a DUI checkpoint.
- received 2 hanukkah cards, 2 christmas cards, and 1 chrismukkah card.
- sold a REALLY excessive amount of books.
- ate an even more excessive amount of sweets.
- made kiwi jam, inventoried and labeled all my jam.
- made beetloaf, which simultaneously used up my leftover grated beets from the latke party and satisfied my lifelong desire to cook like boris (or was it morris?) from freaky friday.
- bought tickets to a concert on May 16th. Yes, I actually spent a day's wages on Ticketmaster. But... Juanes!!!!!!!! Rebecca and I are WAY too excited.
- finally saw my 1 good movie this year! Thanks to a free preview screening of Juno. At which I was instructed to go forth and blog! Look at me, a voice of the myspace generation. (A phrase which, btw, ranks a good bit lower than locavore but still higher than francophone on my linguistic pet peeve scale.) Seriously, if you haven't seen it, it's pretty awesome. A bit overpowering on the movie-made-by-and-for-hipsters angle, but still highly satisfying.
- discovered that the do-nothing tree in my citrus grove is really a lime tree! yum, lime season in my yard.
- bought myself 2 Christmas presents. The Best of the Johnny Cash Show DVD and the annual Best Foodwriting anthology. I plan to spend Christmas day getting a head start on my new year's resolutions, which consist exclusively of: 1) read more books and 2) watch more tv. No, really!

My plans for the near to extended future include
- continuing to sell an excessive amount of books.

oh, perhaps, in my copious spare time:
- procuring and decorating a christmas tree
- singing in SF tomorrow on my one day off before christmas
- making gingerbread to bring to the potluck after the singing
- getting a CA drivers license and registration
- sleeping
- posting book recs
- posting pictures
- making my bed
- mailing out a plethora of holiday cards/presents!
- replacing my sad, sad computer
- making kiwi ginger lime jam


  1. juanes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps my mouth is watering for that jam.

  2. Oh, Rebecca, shall I return the Eddie Albert recording of "Santy Claus is comin'"? I plan to keep the copy of Gene Autry singing "Rudolph ... Deer" for myself !!