Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fried food, now with more symbolism

1. Yesterday a Hanukkah miracle really did happen. I accomplished every single thing on my to do list!!! I don't think this has ever happened. It consisted of: calling several people, mailing two packages, cleaning the house, shopping for an excessive amount of fresh produce, and hosting a latke party. I win.

2. The whole point of my latke party was to try some new recipes (cumin-scented beet, and carrot/parsnip with dill), and I didn't even manage to get any pictures of the food! How unlike me. Suffice it to say they were pretty and colorful, but I was disappointed. The flavor was nice, but I clearly haven't mastered the technique of getting them to stay together or cook long enough without burning. On the other hand, the plain old potato latkes came out beautifully, to rave reviews from latke veterans and newbies alike. Though all three flavors got eagerly gobbled up, the early batches not even making it off the stove before getting doused in applesauce or sour cream and consumed. This gusto probably thanks mostly to the fact that I put everyone to work for a couple hours before they got to eat! (Ha, it's a good thing I'm moving now that my friends are on to what my idea of a party consists of!)

3. I did capture some post-gorging moments. Behold.

The festive lights in my brand new menorah! (My very exciting ebay purchse... it's actually the same as the menorah I took to college and promptly lost.)

My favorite thing about Hanukkah? The applesauce. Oh yes, I will not eat latkes without it. And I am an applesauce SNOB. So I whipped up a big batch of homemade.

My mother requested a photo of me in my brand new apron, which I could hardly deny her because she MADE it for me! And matching napkins! Best present ever. (And now I have a guest apron! I love it.)

Ben and Megan, the other 2/3 of the fabled saturday bookstore crew. (My roommates were somewhere around too, but managed to avoid photographic record.)

4. Our new washer just arrived! Commence testing.


  1. ps - look katie, it's your favorite shirt!

  2. Hmph. The only thing that makes that shirt tolerable is the amazing apron.

    So. Much. Applesauce. I am flabbergasted.

  3. It may have been 10 pounds of apples... the food mill is a girls best friend!

  4. Glad to see your apron is getting used! Cute pic with Megan :) Wish I could taste the latkes. And glad I'm not the only one with problems getting them to stay together. An annual holiday frustration. Taste over form, though, right?

  5. Aprons and applesauce and latkes, oh my! I LOVE your blog. LOVE it.

    Hey, are you moving to anyplace in particular?