Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Hanukkah!

I had exactly one present to open, and I was going to save it for the last night. Then my dad informed me that I'd better open it right away. He promised that, like the fabled oil of the Maccabees, it would miraculously last me for all 8 nights! And it did.


  1. (testing...) Look, Katie, the comments should magically forward to you forevermore! It's another Hanukkah miracle!

  2. or... I screwed it up so that I'm not getting the comments either. hello......comments??????

  3. Comments schmomments.
    Testing! Or rather, I think I'm helping you to test!
    Now you know how re-obsessed I've recently become with your blog. My cover is blown.

  4. Hee, I never discourage blog obsession! No cover needed. It's all Katie's doing, she of the highly enjoyable and frequent posts of late.

    And thanks for the testing! (Still ongoing by the way. Blogger and gmail, why hast thou forsaken me???? I just want my comments...)