Monday, December 24, 2007

The jam has landed

Jam central a few days ago.

Those shelves are now lonely and bare, the contents shipped off to friends and relations. The extra jars sold in one day to coworkers, who've been pestering me for months. For the record, that was a grand total of 160 oz for $120 cash money. I wasn't really looking to turn a profit, but I probably recouped most of the expenses of my new favorite hobby, and twas far more rewarding than the average savings bond! If you're not sick of hearing about my jam yet, you can check out more pictures and info at ye olde recipe blog.

Now I give you my best bookstore anecdote thus far:
This evening I sold a book to a guy, charged his card, and happened to compliment his signature, because it was quite distinctive and abstract, unlike my lame pseudo cursive. They guy chuckled, shot me a funny look and left.
Coworker: "Oh, are you a big fan?"
Me: "Huh?"
Coworker: You know that was Jonathan Franzen.
Me: Stares blankly.
Coworker: "You know, author of The Corrections? He totally thinks you were all aswoon over him and are going to sleep with that receipt under your pillow."
Me: checks credit card receipt. "Jonathan Franzen" is clearly printed under impressive signature.
Boh!! Would it have been less awkward if I had actually recognized him and announced that I once started his book but never finished it? Heh.


  1. Jam Central would look a lot more impressive if you utilized the simple photographic techniques of perspective and proportion to make objects appear more massive.
    Here's an example....

  2. Jamtastic! I love all the lables--KIWI's so bold and assertive. I have to admit that what I'm really lusting after, though, is all the empty shelf space implied by where the jam was.


  3. Oh, and I think I ruptured something when I looked at R's example of perspective and proportion. Bring back smarch!


  4. Allen from the CRC! And the massive carrot from road trip '05! Wow, Rebecca, that's a LOT of jam...

    And tragically, I think Smarch is dead and gone for good - but Matt, I'll let you look at the "Smarchives" that R had printed and bound and gave me for my birthday last year. They still crack me the hell up every time I look at them.

  5. Richard, please feel free to give me photography lessons anytime. I know who to go to when I go kick off my jam marketing campaign.

    Limited edition smarchives!!! I wanna see.

    (M - Please come and take my shelves. There's even a matching set. Someone made them for the loft, but now that we've shuffled rooms they're just taking up space in my dining room / singing room until someone gets around to putting them out on the street. Poor, poor shelves.)

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