Monday, December 03, 2007

Nothing like some good old-fashioned narcissism... spice up the lag time between work and karate. Without further ado, I present to you:

Things I Am Vaguely Embarrassed To Acknowledge

1. How excited I am that the Saturday afternoon Metropolitan Opera broadcasts are starting up again this week.

2. That I'm writing this from the office. (Don't worry, I'm off the clock. No supporters of reproductive freedom in Texas will be billed for the composition of this blog post.)

3. That I scraped open the knuckles on both my hands punching targets last week (FABRIC-covered targets, my friends) and they're still not better.

4. That I still haven't sent thank-yous to 85% of my kickathon donors.

5. How often I check this blog for new comments.

6. That I added a book of Jewish baby names and customs to my wishlist. Don't worry, no buns in the oven for a good while yet. Though that would actually make it less embarrassing, don't you think?

7. That my subscription to The Advocate, the Us Weekly of newsmagazines (which, as I am ever-hasty to point out, was included with my membership to The Task Force), is about to run out, and I am sorely afraid that I've gotten so hooked on it that I just might have to renew, with no subscription to hide behind this year. It would give me the opportunity to write more angry letters to the editor, though, which is always entertaining.

8. That I kind of like wedding planning.

9. How addicted I am to

10. That I felt so compelled to share this inane list with y'all that I made it my second post in two days.


  1. Wow, a letter to the editor, just like the ones you always email me! I almost didn't recognize it, what with it having a point and all.

    I may have been reading this book at work the other day.

    And just get the comments emailed to you already! I know how it leaves an empty void in your internet time, but just think how much easier you'll sleep knowing you'll never miss another comment.

  2. R - Wow, your book so trumps mine. Also, you're the only one who has the power to have comments emailed to you... I'm stuck checking our blog 36 times a day.

    C - Okay, but you have to build me a machine first. You can weave it if you want. xoxoxox

  3. I think this book is probably the most embarrasing thing I've ever checked out of the library. What's even more embarrasing is that there are 8 copies available on amazon for $0.01.

  4. How 'bout Tuesday nite opera? is the chicago classical station that streams. and it does both sat. met and tues nite also.

    oh, and congratulations!