Thursday, December 20, 2007

Speaking of flesh and wine and pine logs...

Too lazy to write real paragraphs, so I'll revert once again to this blog's preferred expository device: the list.

Things I have done lately, in no particular order:

1. Went caroling! It was a thoroughly delightful experience. We were so riding that caroling high. I'll blog more about it when I'm not so lazy. Did I mention I'm lazy?

2. Broke in my new menorah from Jerusalem. It was every bit as poorly-designed, if superficially attractive, as the hole-in-the-wall tourist shop on Ben Yehuda Street led me to believe it would be, but my time and budget was limited, and my sentimental desire to own a menorah from Israel overpowered my Puritan thriftiness.

3. Became an advanced blue belt. I don't have any pictures from this promotion, but I did obtain a shot of myself from my very first promotion back in August. Awww, look at that little white belt... so innocent... so naive:

4. Brought home two dogs that we're babysitting this week. I fear that Richard won't let me give them back next Thursday.

5. Went to Brennen's cd release at the Broken Spoke, which included a wide variety of my favorite things (getting to see Brennen play, eating greasy quesadillas, sitting one table away from the eccentric offspring of country music legends who died of drug overdoses) and least favorite things (having to two-step with strange men, sitting too close to the speakers, getting dehydrated because I stubbornly refuse to pay for bottled water).

That's all I got for now. Me and my dog allergies are off to wheeze somewhere besides this computer.



[Later: P.S. Turns out I do have some action shots from this week's promotions!

Also, I found my address book! Truly a Festivus miracle.]


  1. ha ha in the last pic those people on either side of you CLEARLY place this pic either in austin, portland, or the valley. no place like home(s).

  2. HA I know. And the bearded guy behind me is a tattoo artist. Oh Sun Dragon, how predictable you are.

    Hey want to try and guess who the dead music star whose daughter we sat next to was?

  3. just like my hanukkah miracle.

    also, i read an article the other day about how caroling is a dying art. Then that very evening we had not one but TWO sets of carolers in the store. High schoolers followed by barshershop. I want to go caroling!!!

  4. Eh? You mean people everywhere don't look like that? My, I'm sheltered...

    Congrats on your advanced blue belt (oh yeah, and the other stuff, too).

    One of my goals for my time off this week is to study the user's manual on my camera so I can make it take better pictures at the dojo. Because low light action-shots are not too much to ask.

  5. sentimental desire to own a menorah from Israel overpowered my Puritan thriftiness.

    This is my favorite phrase of the holiday season, hands down.


  6. i guess gram parsons? he's the only country star i can think of who died of a drug overdose. if it was plane crash... well... that'd be a different game.

  7. Btw, those glasses and the haircut in the bottom picture really make you look different. I'm not 100% sure it's an improvement, I'm afraid. And I thought you said you were a blue belt?


  8. Jenna - you win! (As Brennen said when she told us who it was: if he was your dad you'd be pretty fucked up too...)

    Matt - don't mess with Robin, she could take your ass OUT (and probably mine too at the same time if she was mad enough... when we're partners for basic self-defenses, I'm never 100% sure she's not going to hurt me for real. When she's not delivering a knifehand blow to the back of my neck, though, she's a very nice girl).