Thursday, March 13, 2008


R's untimely retrospective: Filler? Is that all I am to you? You said we'd always have 2007... you've changed, man.
R: Keep your pants on. You know I could never leave behind my obsessive nostalgia. It's just that, well, since I wrote you I sort of found this new life, and I wanted to post about that for a change. And how about some gratitude, huh? I could have left you languishing unpublished in draft form forever. You're lucky my brain currently consists of Diana Jones on repeat insulated by a thick layer of congestion, effectively prohibiting production of original content. In point of fact, I don't think I'm up to blogging at all tonight....
R's brain: Keep it down, would you? I'm trying to listen to another song about death. Just go split the post down the center and see who loves it the most. And hand me the sudafed.
R: Noooooo! Not my beautiful post. I take it all back. Most esteemed readers, please don't judge this retrospective for its utter lack of relevance, it wanted to be published in January. You may direct all hate mail my way.


2007 not in books.

Assorted musical obsessions:
Sufjan Stevens, Songs for Christmas
Patty Griffin, Children Running Through
Nick Cave
Owen Family cd
Neil Young, Live at Massey Hall

Favorite cds to play at the store:
The soundtrack to I am Sam
De Jérusalem à Cordoue

States sung in:

Best DVDs:
Children of Men
Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show, 1969-1971 (Do yourself a favor and watch this. Right now. Even if you're not a Cash fan. (Wait, who's not a Cash fan? Get off my blog!) Watch it for the jaw dropping performances from, well, everyone. Watch it for the best Linda Rondstandt story EVER.)

Worst movie:
I Think I Hate my Wife, edging out September Dawn only because I didn't shell out any money for that one.

Best concerts:
(3x tie)
Dale Ann Bradley at Don Quixote's
Old Crow Medicine Show at The Catalyst
Psalm One at Slim's
Runner Up: Crazy xylophone girl with a painted on zorro mask for sheer jaw dropping santa cruz entertainment

Best fruit picking:
Backyard Lemons
Runners Up: strawberries from the HGP, blackberries from Sue's

Most memorable meals: (Any kind of Best Of being impossible to judge accurately due to the sheer amount of attention I gave to food this year, and the fact that I've already blogged about most of it. heh. So I'll just go at it stream of consciousness like here):
Chicago (Cousins on a rainy day, late night lentil soup with my dad, late night salad with my mom, tapas with Natalia's posse, a Bridge Thanksgiving, gingerbread pancakes)
My kitchen (My macrobiotic menu, zucchini blossoms, tamales with Gabriel, entire meals of jam sampling, latkes)
My neighborhood (Avanti's, Mobo sushi, free soy mocha chais at work, the hot bar at Staff of Life, La Vie after our last class, every meal at school, my first and last meals cooked at the Homeless Garden Project, similarly my first and last meals cooked for Kids for Health, late night at Pizza My Heart )
Travels (All the fries Richard made me eat, the only two restaurants in Austin, dinner on the grounds anywhere, raw food in Sedona, South Indian feast and Derby Pie in Louisville, noodles with Berry, tiny cakes and so much cheese at the Mahoneys)

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