Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nothing of substance - but so entertaining

No time for a real post this week, but in the meantime, please allow yourselves to be entertained by a few of my recent favorite Jon Stewart quotes:

On former General Ricardo Sanchez's current assessment of Iraq:

"Let's look at Sanchez's hierarchy of bad things. The worst thing ever: standing up to political leadership. And that's preferable to... what's the phrase... 'A nightmare with no end in sight.' Look for more of these tremendous insights in Ricardo Sanchez's new book, 'I Have Difficulty Judging the Worseness of Things.'"

On the Senate's all-nighter:

"The House Judiciary Committee has cited White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolton and former White House Counsel Harriet Miers with contempt of Congress. By the way -- when they cite them for contempt of Congress, they're obviously not referring to the existential disgust we all have for Congress."

On Russia's nuclear program:

"Russia just exploded what they're calling 'The Father of All Bombs.' When it drops -- and I'm quoting here -- 'All that is alive merely evaporates.' The press release goes on to pet a cat and laugh, 'Mwwuah ha ha ha...'"

Oh Jon.

Okay, stay tuned for less Daily Show fluff, more Katie fluff in the very near future...

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  1. So disappointed--when I saw the title of this entry, I was certain it was going to be about me.