Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rebecca's Rules for Moving, now optioned for reality tv

Previously on Rebecca's Rules
Our heroine braved credit-straining car repair and a trip to the DMV, made orange marmalade, set up her new computer, watched Sweeney Todd, made one last trip to the farmer's market, attended the Michael Pollan book signing at the store, filled out her last time card, and rounded out the night with despedida drinks with coworkers. And lest we forget, pushed her move back one day.

On the final episode of Rebecca's Rules

Our heroine went on to check off every single one of those items on her To Do (ON PAIN OF DEATH) List. (With one sad, sad exception... a long overdue package destined for Ecuador that she's been holding on to for over a year and moved with now 3, count em, 3 times. Producers are reported to have arranged for a stay on her execution and resorted to the dubious ploy of declaring this as her project for an upcoming crafting bee.)
Between Thursday and Saturday she: Postponed her move. Again. Mailed those stubborn last two Christmas cards, took down the Christmas tree, made and delivered jam squares for the Literacy Volunteers and the Homeless Garden Project, made two trips to the Goodwill dropoff, made one last late night walk to the Food Bin, burned CDs for the old roommates, created a questionable casserole out of all her leftovers, packed every last one of her possessions, scored some new possessions (an abandoned dehydrator and the abandoned 12 qt stainless steel lobster pot, since rechristened The Jam Pot.) diligently cleaned out her room/house, sang a couple songs in her fabulously reverberant empty wooden box of a room, and yes, moved into her new residence!

On the reunion episode of Rebecca's Rules
A few days after the long-awaited move we visit with our heroine in her fancy new Oakland digs. We see that she has reverted to her default setting of hibernation. Yet she's somehow fit in a job application, a trip to the Berkeley Bowl, a visit from Lauren and Ruth, a parking ticket, and a trial choir rehearsal.

Your questions answered on future very special episodes of Rebecca's Rules
Will our heroine unpack even one box? Will new roomie/landlady Inder lead her astray in a search for thrift furniture? Can she face a return visit to Santa Cruz just weeks after she thought she left it behind forever?

The next big thing to hit Oakland

If you thought you'd seen it all, don't miss the spin off show sure to be even more entertaining than the original - Natalia's Rules for Moving!


  1. What will happen in the next episode! Thrifting adventures in San Leandro (or is it San Lorenzo? I always forget)? Learning about such local loci of fun as Urban Ore, Champa Gardens Laotian Restaurant, and Stone Mountain and Daughter (you're going to love this episode)? Teaching your chatty landlady the future tense in Spanish and how to make marmalade? Finally finishing a long-postponed craft project while chatting about girly things? Having to move piles of books, fabric, two dogs, and a nasty heap of dust bunnies aside in order to find the entrance of your room? Sewing yourself inuit-style fur garments in order to survive the chill in your new room?

    I'm absolutely riveted! Can't wait for further episodes!

  2. ahhhhh watch out for bed buuuugs. forgive my fear of thrift store furniture.

  3. Luckily, we're not looking for a mattress. Chairbugs and couchbugs aren't nearly as bad.