Friday, January 18, 2008

Rebecca's rules for moving

#1 Work until the last possible second. Especially try to agree and work until a date past your move out date.
#2 Peruse the mental list of everything you have ever procrastinated about and label each item as: HIGHLY URGENT: COMPLETE BEFORE MOVE ON PAIN OF DEATH. Even if this list includes seeing a movie or making marmalade.
#3 Alternately freak out that you aren't getting those items done OR prepping to move. Frantically jump halfway into every project, but don't finish any of them.
#4 Why yes, you do have time to have a despedida drink with your coworkers.
#5 In the spirit that anything worth doing can be put off til tomorrow... put your move off a day.
#6 When you really can't procrastinate one more second, turn to blogging.

Why no, this list isn't autobiographical. Not at all.

And so, for the blogging portion of this post, I leave you with a most excellently flip article on Sacred Harp from the latest Time. (Thanks to KT for the link, and L for labeling this a Sacred Harp blog and thus legitimizing my sporadic singing commentary.)

"Nothing is weirder than Sacred Harp."


  1. Rule #7 -- become a Citizen of California.

  2. Oh, now that's another list for another day. Coming soon.