Thursday, January 24, 2008

See R and KT win "The R and KT Award For The Literary Excellence"

Now that Katie has declared it open season for 2007 retrospectives, and now that I am conveniently unemployed, I've undergone that dubious annual tradition of rereading every blog entry for the previous year. As I feared, it wasn't quite the stunning array of travelogue that I amassed in 2006. In fact I had to dredge through an embarrassing amount of my own rambling about latin america / the printed word / jam and other edible substances.
(Insert Reader's Loyalty Award here for putting up with me.)

And yet, the year's blogging was not entirely without merit. What have we learned about our protagonistas? I've prepared the following primer:

See R and KT

See R and KT turn 25
KT style: Nothing Says Happy Birthday Like...
R style: Report from this side of 25

See R and KT find out what they want to do when they grow up
Wise words from R:"Q: Oh, so you're going to be a chef!
A: That wasn't a question. And if it were, I would answer NO..."

Wise words from KT:"I didn't know anything about the RJ movement before this weekend, and I got so excited about it that, like a math nerd after a particularly exciting calculus class, I took forever falling asleep each night because my mind was turning over and over and over."

See R and KT travel
2007, that year in which KT left the country and R just whined about wanting to:
Oh, I Give Up (or, Israel Photos! Get Yer Israel Photos!)
But R has her beat for domestic miles. Ah, back when sunny CA was just a twinkle in my google directions:
Southern Hospitality
"The skies are gray today to mark my departure from Austin."
the ups and downs of road-tripping
3791 - "the least direct route ever between between two points"

See R and KT sing

still on post wmshc high
The awesomeness of singing. Let me count the ways.
"That's me (um, obviously) leading at McMahan two weeks ago."
I want to wear a crown of glory when I get home to that good land..."The singing and the acoustics were terrific today, which always makes me feel happy and beneficent toward humanity in general."
I am going home today / in the narrow gospel way - "My very first cooper convention!"
"the Richard's in Town First Annual Singing at My House was hugely successful!"
and shadows pass away - "Have YOU ever stayed at a haunted rock and roll brewpub / hotel??"
"And thus concludeth our first annual evening of caroling. Now that we've got the hang of it, we're excited for next year. I'm not making any promises, but there may have to be costumes involved."

See R rant

"Lose a Bag For Uncle Sam"
progress shmogress! up with analog!

See R get serious
Obama soul searching
The promised peter post

See KT learn new tricks
"She can talk!"
"I think I still have drink tickets tucked in my bra."
"I did 1,000 kicks and didn't even half-ass most of them..."
"Also, I seem to have become a bit of a crazy bread baker. If only Rebecca and I didn't live 1700 miles away from each other, we would have the world's most complementary cooking obsessions."

Now, I won't even go to the trouble of nominating these posts because no one will vote on them and, really, what could compete with:
See KT Get Engaged!
How to Ask a Girl To Marry You

Hold on to your RSS feeds folks, 2008 is sure to be another fabulous year of blogging, with exclusive coverage of:
See KT Get Married!

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