Tuesday, February 19, 2008

But all the best dictators are taken...

We all know that ranking is the most constructive way to instigate change. Since there aren't enough presidential candidates left in the running to scrape together a top 10 list, let us turn to world affairs.

It's a proud day for Kim Jong-il, who moved up to the #1 spot this year. Take that Omar Al-Bashir... genocide is so last year.

Seriously folks, it's really important that we get involved in ending these egregious humans rights violations. Your ranking is just as meaningful as the expert journalists'. Please take the time to vote in their poll: Who Do You Think Is the Worst? Remember, "You can vote for as many dictators as you like, but you can cast only one vote per dictator."

Or for the truly advanced activist, nominate your own infamous leader. "Tell us who we missed! In your opinion, what dictators deserve to be called the world’s worst?"
(So far our very own George W Bush is riding the write-in vote to victory, though it is suspected that he was the only world leader voters could name.)


  1. ps - You may have noticed that I took the high road and avoided the cheap American Idol joke. I needn't have agonized, as apparently the author himself beat me to that particular punchline.
    Thanks, Washington Post, for this classy interview.

    How does one quantify evil into a tidy list?

    We ask because Parade magazine published its annual World's Worst Dictators issue last week. (One imagines that it's hotly awaited in the dictator community, sending scoundrels rifling through their Sunday inserts.) ...

  2. R'cita,

    On this fine, brisk New England morning, I'm sending little pink hearts your way.


  3. i spent many an hour in college avoiding writing papers and playing this game:

  4. Jenna - by answering yes to "Are you short?" and "Are you in love with a vampire?" I got to be Buffy. I approve of your method of procrastination.