Monday, February 25, 2008

but labor is sweet

Despite barely waking up in time for my 1:30 job interview, this has not been a totally unproductive day.

After a few chilly days it was gorgeously sunny again, so I pulled out my brand new Walk Oakland! map and found a park nearby. Wow, something in my neighborhood besides churches and corner stores! I walked over, passing some lovely old victorians in what is apparently a historic neighborhood. Found a bench not being slept on, watched a little futbol, and read a few more chapters in Bound For Glory.

Good energy at the singing tonight, or maybe it was just me being excited at finally singing some tenor. There's generally a distinct lack of altos and a distinct abundance of tenors, but thanks to a visit from Jessica, who as we all know is an alto part unto herself, I got to indulge my recent itching to learn tenor. Looking forward to singing with J next at WMSHC!

Oh, and I got a job. Look at me not being a deadbeat anymore. Well, that's kind of a lie, because the background check will take a week, and I ever so conveniently have a vacation scheduled for the next week. But in two weeks I'll be all job having again! At a great after-school program at a local middle school. I'll be doing some academic mentoring and maybe teaching some cooking classes! It's regular work (afternoons, 20 hrs a week) and good pay, very close to home, interesting school. REALLY looking forward to working with kids again. Also I have my resume out all over town (the library, myriad bookstores, select other retail establishments) so someday I hope to have a second job for fun and profit. And once I'm back on some kind of regular schedule, maybe I can use my free time in a vaguely productive manner? Such as advancing my jam industry? We shall see.

Random file food photo for Jenna :) Actually, it's even casserole related. Nancy's recipe for squash stuffed shells circa 2004.


  1. congratulations, and i'm impossibly excited that i'll get to see you soooooo soooooooon!

  2. Nancy's stuffed shells, as prepared by Rebecca--brings back such great memories of those trips to the Middletown sing and hanging out ridiculously late at your place afterwards. Those were definitely the times.

    See you soon, yay!