Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crossover chard

I haven't been updating on my doings lately as there's not much to report. A simple life of hermitage, job applications, singing, friends, and jam squares. Fortunately Inder (treble/landlandy/crafter/doglover) has picked up the slack, filling her blog with pretty things and occasional adventures that involve yours truly. And pit bulls. Lots of pit bulls.

In case there was any doubt that we might be compatible housemates, her latest installment reports on the overgrowth of chard in the garden and the resulting culinary experiment. Recipes anyone? In the interest of crossover blogging, please enjoy my chard related pictures.

See backyard chard.

See backyard Meyer lemons.

See Omie and lemons.

See Inder cook. Accessories include my "guest" apron, Inder's homemade bread, coordinated leash, and naughty dog Crouton.

See chard soup. (See chard soup recipe.)


  1. Damn, now that you've found a housemate who bakes bread, what can I possibly use as incentive for getting you to come visit???

  2. You might have to do something drastic, like get married. And/or have another election party.

    Or you can always come here and have a bake off with Inder.

  3. No worries, I bake bread about once a year.

    Needless to say, I love the picture of Omie in the lemons!! Ah, pit bulls!!