Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fashionably late photos

Some of my more observant readers may have noticed that I posted this album a ridiculously long time ago, but I haven't linked to it here yet. Behold: Special Marathon Fall Season of Travel and Quality Time, part 2. This in honor of the upcoming Slightly Less Marathon Spring Season of Travel and Quality Time: New England edition. 19 days til WMSHC!!!

Here's my personal favorite by the way....

Katie during Martin!

(Full disclosure... she HAD been called to lead the next song.)


  1. ps - How do Katie and I always manage to post photos at exactly the same time, even when said time is too early on a Sunday morning????

  2. that pic of rich and alexa eating fries is my new desktop!

  3. Correction:

    I was tempted to just edit my original post since apparently no one caught my glaring error. (Shame on you readers. Shame.) 2008 is in fact a LEAP YEAR, so there are a full 20 days remaining til WMSHC, not 19 as previously stated.

  4. Ah, 452, my old arch nemesis...