Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A few more "File Under..."s

Three: Days I have left to early vote before leaving Texas.

Better than average: Chance that I will completely forget to vote before leaving Texas.

124 ("Lover of the Lord"): Song that's been inexplicably stuck in my head since last weekend's convention, even though we didn't actually sing it.

Eighteen: Total number of Irish Car Bombs consumed by our party during this year's annual College Station Saturday Night After the Texas State Convention Getting Inebriated Extravaganza (archived footage of last year's Irish Car Bombs can be found here).

College student: Demographic I am consistently relieved not to be a part of anymore.

Garden: What R&I are going to try to plant this year.

Maybe three: Percentage of our yard that gets any sunlight.

Not much: What we will actually be able to grow. However...

Surviving against all odds: What our trooper of a six-foot-tall hot pepper plant has done despite months of coldhearted neglect and intermittant frosts. Is there anything hot peppers CAN'T do?

Hubcap: The approximate shape and texture of my latest loaf of experimental spelt bread.

The jar of maple syrup and the biggest spoon we have: What R demanded I fetch him from the kitchen the other day.

Lots of you: Who I will get to see next week! Hooray!

The end.




  1. Irish car bombs: The most instrumental factor in my involuntary voice rest at last year's Texas State?

    The Jewish Gardening Book: The closest I've come to gardening inspiration this season.

  2. i have been trying to get up the courage to lead 124 on a tuesday night for THREE MONTHS now. seriously. i don't want to be that guy, i don't want it to be a joke (but i also don't want it to be literal).

    also: when i was in ireland some dumbasses on my program thought it cute to order irish car bombs in belfast. for americans it's like the equivalent, apparently, of going into hooters and ordering the chicken breast, hold the chicken. old meme! the kids were indignant when the barkeep rolled his eyes.

  3. I will so be that guy for you... I'll totally lead it on Tuesday. There's so much less pressure down here to lead "cool" songs (ie Scott & his cronies are just as likely to laugh at you at a convention when you lead a good song as when you lead a bad one :)) that I'm pretty much desensitized to any self-consciousness whatsoever. I mean, 124's a bit of a goober of a song, but I enjoy it, so I have no issue with leading it in all seriousness. Smirks will be permitted, eye rolls will not.

  4. I see your 124 and raise you 358.

  5. HA! 358? I think I may have to fold...

  6. I've been around on and off for over 3 years and I still don't know which the cool and the uncool songs are... And I really like 358! See you next week!