Sunday, February 03, 2008

Last week in packaging

Thanks to my mom and Rebecca, I got two of the most awesomely packaged presents ever. I'm pretty excited over the contents, but seriously, check these out.

Through the post office window, I had a view of just a tiny sliver of the packages lining the the backroom shelves. My eye was caught by a repurposed Easy Mac box, and as I stood admiring it I had the following deep thought bubble: "Ah, the US, where freedom of expression extends to our packaging choices. Over in Europe and South America it's strictly regulation brown. God bless the USPS." Just then the postal guy reappeared, went straight for the Easy Mac box, and brought it my way! It was amazing.

Last weekend I had a highly delicious Thai brunch with Rebecca, and she brought me this beauty straight from her holidays in Ecuador. The key to completing my OC marathon, complete with her own chimbo packaging and DVD commentary?? I will clearly treasure it always.


  1. The payoff from my keeping that silly Easy Mac box for OVER A YEAR, waiting for just the right opportunity to ship something to Rebecca, exceeded my highest expectations! I couldn't have choreographed the delivery any better if I had tried. Cheap thrills!
    aka Ellen

  2. i read this yesterday and since, the oc theme song has been stuck in my head. thanks.

  3. Clearly it's part of my plan to brainwash you into visiting California. Oh yeah.

  4. We live in the "AC," but trust me, life here is at least as dramatic.