Friday, February 08, 2008

Life Lesson #5834

Katie's friend sits at her desk conversing with the boy who does odd jobs around the office to fulfill his court-mandated community service. Boy examines photo of Friend completing a triathalon two summers ago, which she keeps framed on her desk.

BOY: Dude, you were SKINNY then.

FRIEND: Ouch! (Stops. Thinks about it.) Hey wait a second, why am I getting so upset? I look great fat OR thin.

BOY (nodding earnestly): It's true, dude. If I were straight I'd be all over you.

FRIEND: Now empty my trash can.

Body Image, Maintaining A Healthy
Lines You Wish You'd Thought Of, Examples Of
Stoners, Putting Them In Their Place


  1. ha ha ha, great story. i love it (and you!)

  2. updates, please. it is file reading season, i need to be entertained more frequently than usual.