Monday, February 04, 2008

Mmmm, candidately delicious...

Tomorrow night we're having a Super Tuesday party with hors d'ouevres named after candidates utilizing a myriad of awful puns including, but not limited to, chips & Barackamole, roasted green Huckabeans, and mushRoomney risotto. But really the point of this post is share with you the piece de resistance - Ron Paul Prawn Balls. Invented by R, obviously. (K: "What the hell's a prawn ball?" R: "Like a meatball. Only with prawns." Oh of COURSE. Like a MEATball, only with PRAWNS. I repeat - What the hell's a prawn ball?)

That's all I've got for the moment. Party reviews and political commentary forthcoming, I'm sure. Though I'm not really much of a political commentary kind of gal. I'm just in it for the prawn balls.

[Editor's note: R is currently cooking said balls and they smell unbelievably tasty. I guess we know who's going to get the last laugh this time around...]

[Editor's second note: A quick Google search reveals no less than 8,000 hits for "prawn balls." Okay okay, I stand corrected twice over. Clearly I'm living with a culinary genius. I should have figured it out long before now...]


  1. Barackamole - I love it! Let the chips fall where they may :)

  2. needeless to say, I will not be concentrating so much at work or trivia tonight as my eyes stayed glued to the results of Super Tuesday. OBAMA ALL THE WAY BABY!!!