Wednesday, February 13, 2008

run come see what this river has done / carved the walls of Grand Canyon with the colors of the rising sun

Let's pretend I got around to posting this yesterday, when our nation honored the 199th birthday of Abraham Lincoln and a much more youthful birthday milestone for that mother of mine. I also hear it was a pretty good day for Mr Obama.

In celebration, I present the long awaited pictures from the trip I took with my mom to Arizona back in September. You remember, the ones of all the rocks I kept threatening to post?

Like this one.

Well I know Nancy will appreciate all the landscape photos, and the rest of you can hopefully find something to enjoy among the other highlights. Which include a tarantula crossing the road, gorgeous raw food, and Thorne miniatures (imagine my shock to discover they exist outside of the Art Institute!) Of course, there's my personal favorite... our Phoenix hotel who were bragging about their multi-million dollar remodel, which turned out to involve a frightening hybrid of Southwest color schemes and vaguely Japanese minimalistic style. And a diabolical plan to renovate all the towel racks and hooks right out of the bathroom. Not even a doorknob to hang your wet towel on. I'm still kind of agog.

In conclusion, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  1. Such beautiful photographs! It was a great treat to look at them. Nancy (counting the days)