Monday, March 24, 2008

Signs of Spring Cleaning

Forget the fact that all members of the household might now have something resembling habitable bedrooms... the important thing is that all our spices are in order. Alphabetical order, in fact. Please feel free to zoom in and check.

And all my bulk food has been wrestled into assorted jars and containers. Inder seemed amused at how much I enjoy molded food and made me take this picture.

And speaking of cornmeal, I actually updated the recipe blog! To date, the most incontrovertible sign that I'm out of hibernation. Add it to the almanac, folks.


  1. rebecca's spicy cornbread is delicious!!!

  2. Our spice rack is so beautiful. I like to just wistfully stare at it. Move over, Omie.

  3. I found this great site, called "Squalor Survivors" where you can measure the state of your squalor. Steve and I upstairs were, sad to say, in Level 3 squalor. Left to his own devices, Steve would live permanently in at least Level 2. But, we are SURVIVORS, damn it!