Sunday, March 16, 2008

Who wants to build me some shelves?

For the ever spiraling number of books I am bringing home.

This stack is just what I acquired from a week in New England, and is a surprisingly good summary of my time there.

From the top: My haul from Raven Books in Northampton, last year's minutes (one guess for who led 13 songs at his convention...), a New Haven veggie cookbook from Lo, and my grandfather's bread bible. This last one will probably be the subject of its own post as soon as I try out some of the recipes. I got so spoiled eating all those sandwiches made with Katie's homemade bread and hummus. Conveniently I inherited this lovely book, enjoy making things from scratch, and am very poor. Have invested in dried chickpeas and flour.

Also pictured: laptop, Omie, fire.

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