Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Checking in before I lose another weekend

Don't you love weekends that are so busy you need a weekend to recover from them, only there isn't another weekend because that was your weekend? I sure am saying weekend an awful lot. In retrospect, I actually do enjoy them because they generally contain lots of good stuff. But they make me sleepy. And they keep me from blogging as much as Rebecca does. So, in the interest of continuing the eternal struggle to maintain a presence on this blog, I now present you with: Last Weekend.

Saturday morning was three hours of karate promotions. I am now officially a yellow belt, which seems logically like it should put me halfway to black belt since I only have three more colors to go. But this assumption would be grossly false. I would even go so far as to call it laughably so. I am, however, reservedly proud of my shiny new belt. After promotions we had a karate luncheon at the home of an an advanced yellow belt and his advanced brown belt wife and daughter. Then I drove up to the county Democratic Convention to sit behind a table for two hours and hand out NARAL stickers to people. Then Richard and I went to a birthday party. Then we went to see our friend Brennen play a show at our favorite little neighborhood honkytonk. Now we're at 11:30pm on Saturday night. Please try to keep up.

Sunday was McMahan... Richard only made it down on Saturday, so I took his place (and his Cooper book, since mine is inexplicably missing) and drove down with Bill, Jessica, and Brennen. The crowd was thin but the singing was great. Back in Austin Bill and I went to Jessica's for the standard post-convention wind-down-and-gossip-over-alcohol (in this case, homebrew. Hippies). Then I grocery shopped and then it was bedtime on Sunday and WHERE DID MY WEEKEND GO? I demand another one. The good news is, I get another one. The bad news is, I'll be spending it at a conference. Actually, that's excellent news since it's the Hampshire College conference that so kicked my butt in the best way possible last year, which also means quality family time and possibly quality Jenna time, Jenna being my only friend who is conveniently located exactly where I will be spending Friday.

Which brings me to the fact that I'm flying out of Austin tomorrow morning and - admit it, you know what's coming next - I haven't started packing yet. Please, please, try to contain your shocked astonishment. Actually, the real shocker is that since I'm only leaving for 4 days and Richard will still be here, it shouldn't take me more than 20 minutes to pack, putting me to bed well before midnight. But let's be honest, O faithful readers, after three years of following our every move, have you ever read about an occasion on which Rebecca or I turned in before midnight the night before an interstate departure? I would dig back through the archives to locate some piece of supporting evidence, but I know it's fruitless.

In the meantime, happy weekend to all and I'll check in next week, after my mind will have presumably been blown slightly more than it is right now. Oh yeah, and pictures might be coming soon. That's all I'll say about that. G'night.



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  1. A yellow belt now? Cool! You should definately go into the super hero business: Mild-mannered shape-note singer by day, masked karate crime fighter by night! With your ability to do round-house kicks, your superhero moniker could be something like "Circle K" or something.

    Anyway, have a safe trip!