Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eep! There is a recording...

The radio show last night was a lot of fun. You can get us all worked up and shove us in a tiny room anytime... the singing was GOOD. Turns out our friend Will clearly loves us the most for not only staying up in Michigan but recording the show and putting it up online before we even got home. So all of you who were hoping for a recording have been richly rewarded. Check it out at your leisure!

Disclaimers... This was a classical program, so there's lots of discussion of the musical history. And the one little mono mic and carpeted room did NOT make the most flattering setting for recording... I kind of like the raw sound of it though. And I think the fuguing tunes sound great, the rhythms coming across a lot better than the harmony on that mic. If you listen long enough you can hear me lead 209 and talk about death.

ps - Inder's take on the radio extravaganza here. I always enjoy the parallel blogging of our lives.

pps - Thanks to James you can now listen to or download mp3s for each song! (344, 114, 77t, 547, 29t, 454, 159, 142, 209, 168, 49b)

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  1. Oooh, look at you and your fancy publicity! We did indeed stay up to catch the show (at least the first half-hour) live and in-person... just paying back a little WESU karma...