Saturday, April 19, 2008

from Egypt's yoke set free / hail the glorious jubilee

I'm not nearly as organized for Passover as KT, as evidenced by the distinct lack of kosher products in the house, manischewitz or otherwise. (For the record, this is only because I've moved, or I'd still have last year's matzah and wine.) Tomorrow night I will either be crashing after work or tagging along on a family outing to the F&S. So who knows when I'll get around to having a real Seder, but let's just hope it isn't June this time...

For those of you in actual accordance with the Jewish calendar I thought I'd at least post some recipes.

Reminisce about last year's non celebration here. (Hmm, it looks like bluegrass+passover is becoming a theme with me!) In which I made classic versions of charoset and tzimmes for my very first chef homework!
(I had forgotten about all those tantilizing diasporic charosets... you have to help me test these out... I'm only one woman here! I call the California version, with dates and avocado.)

Keftes de Espinaca (Sephardic Spinach Patties)

I wouldn't turn down this for dessert... Gâteau à l'Orange et au Gingembre (Flourless Orange and Ginger Cake)

And, finally, thanks to Rosie for sending on this NYT article.
Bread of Freedom in Times of Despair.
“I was so scared, but we had one matzo per person for Pesach with the wine that we made ourselves from raisins. Besides the danger, we celebrated with the sincere hope that we were going to be liberated.”

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