Sunday, April 20, 2008

In decidedly non-passover related news...

... who wants to hear me on the radio? In anticipation of the 4th Annual Golden Gate Sacred Harp Singing coming up on Saturday (!) a bunch of us will be on a local radio show tomorrow. That's Monday night, April 21. We'll do some informal singing live in the studio. (Which apparently will necessitate some complicated removal of furniture. There were actual blueprints involved.) Others more eloquent than I will say a few words and play some recordings. It should be a lot of fun and a nice opportunity for more than just "press." The host of the program was the one to approach us, and he's encouraged us to be laid back and honest:
Imagine that a couple of heads poke into a singing that's just started. "Hey, we heard this really unusual [or wonderful / weird / compelling / teeth-grinding] music, what's going on here?" If you're all willing to turn the next hour into an impromptu introduction to the shape-note tradition, and your guests are intelligent, inquisitive, and music-loving (to the point, perhaps, of joining in), how would the happiest possible next hour go?

The show is Classics Without Walls on KUSF.
If you're local in the bay area you can turn your dials to 90.3 from 10-11 pm.
Long distance listeners can tune in online! (And adjust their bedtimes accordingly. That's midnight-1 central time and 1-2 eastern time. It's ok if you don't love me THAT much.)

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