Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Look, Katie, a birthday and a cow!

Here's a helpful hint to my friends and loved ones. If it's your birthday and you choose that day to email me pictures of yourself... they WILL end up here. Particularly if they are fabulous old pictures you just found in a shoebox. And no, this is not a hypothetical situation.

My dad is the lucky birthday boy today. He says: "The first is Grpa Kenny and me in '63, the second is the ultimate in recycling coke bottles."

ps - Is that a Guernsey? Do I pass?


  1. No, it is a hereford, so your grade is on hiatus pending redaction.

  2. Boh... I guess it is more plain brown than spotty. *hides in shame*

  3. oh! i just textedy our dad about the big day. am i ever on schedule? clearly my going to your blog was a sign that god wanted to remind me about your dad's birthday.