Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not that I'm complaining...

So I'm still scratching my head over these two unlikely coming-up-rebecca moments.

1) Waited until today to mail my taxes. Couldn't find my stamps and figured I'd feel better anyway watching someone else put on sufficient postage and today's postmark. Prepared myself for the wait at the dinky post office near the school I work at, which even on a normal day is FOREVER. You know, one of those endless lines of exactly 2 people - one of them opening a PO Box and the other needing 328764 explanations of the difference between postal rates. So on the fine afternoon of April 15th I walk in the door and find... an empty room. Not a single customer in the place and two open windows. Huh?

2) So yeah, in case I hadn't mentioned it, I stuck with the school job. I've taken over the cooking classes, the tutoring program is getting all of this constructive support from yet another supervisor who materialized out of nowhere, and the kids have really warmed up to me. And the plus side to a totally incompetent workplace? I look like a star just for showing up. This job has NOT exactly brought out my most professional side, and yet I'm swimming in positive reinforcement. Today I waltz in extremely late as usual, having totally forgotten about a scheduled meeting with the Deus Ex Machina Supervisor. The director immediately calls me over with a big smile: "I just wanted to let you know we're giving you a raise!" I look dumbfounded. I've gotten a raise exactly once before, and that was of the 2%-at-annual-performance-review variety. I've been working here for less than a month. She continues... "You know, since you're taking on more than we originally discussed." I'm still kind of looking around for the hidden camera, but manage to sound vaguely grateful and professionally entitled because yes, the going rate for cooking instructors is not cheap, and no, I didn't sign on to run that program. The best part of all? The school year is over in 9, count em, 9 weeks. Watch me as I take my money and RUN.

(Now, I'd be waiting for the other shoe to drop if I hadn't already racked up 2 parking tickets and a suspended registration in the last week. For the record, the tickets are all my fault, but the registration nightmare is thanks to a winning combination of a typo, my insurance company, and the always lovely California DMV.)

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