Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pass me some more chametz, please

Oy, I have been so far from keeping kosher for passover it's NOT EVEN FUNNY. I would blame the Golden Gate singing except for the fact that there were loads of Passover friendly foods there. And even a Passover themed blessing! At fault here are clearly my own high carb tendencies.

I didn't buy a new convention dress (which, as it turns out, would have been superfluous thanks to Inder who has a closet full of convention worthy outfits and enjoys dressing me up.) But I DID splurge on a pretty new bundt pan.

We spent all Friday evening in the kitchen (instead of seeing Tracy at the F&S as I'd planned, thanks to the Thursday that ate my life). Somewhere amidst our stacks of casseroles Steve managed to slip in an amazing chicken tikki masala. I even ate the sauce! The heavy cream and chicken infused sauce. See how I managed to be both a bad jew AND a bad vegetarian.

The Chicken That Tempted Rebecca

The Spinach That Tempted Crouton

The Little Planet That Lived Inside The Whisk (so christened by Inder)

The Vegan Southwest Corn Pudding That Put My Cheesy Casseroles To Shame
(more coverage on the recipe blog)

The Bundt Pan That Lived To Make Corner Copia's Famous Lithuanian Coffee Cake
(Thanks Lo!)


  1. ¿Es posible que este planeta pequeña es el asteroide B-612 en realidad, de donde venía el principito ? or not?