Saturday, April 05, 2008

What's better than board? Local board.

Now, I have been known to answer to "boarder" at Inder and Steve's. Despite the fact that regular board has been suspiciously lacking in my stay here. But tonight I came home after a hard day's work to "Hi honey, welcome home, would you like a beer?" followed by the inaugural 100-foot meal. Yes, 100-foot. (This will probably not be surprising to anyone who has ever clicked over to Inder's blog or goodreads and noticed that she's working up to her dream 50 acres, one Gaggle of Gourds at a time.)

Here's a sneak peak sponsored by previous technical difficulties... check out more extensive coverage of our fabulously local feast* here.

(*Note that I continue my moratorium on the "word" locavore.)

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