Friday, May 23, 2008

And Rebecca doesn't even live in Middletown anymore...

So Ted Kennedy was supposed to deliver Wesleyan's commencement speech this weekend, but because of his health issues, he's asked Obama to fill in for him.

Um, no offense to whatever guy gave our commencement speech. But I am ever. So. Jealous.

Let's please have a moment of silence in which all the Wesleyan graduates who read this blog wish they'd been born in 1986...

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  1. man, that is SUCH an upgrade. *kicks self and andrea for moving*

    Also, this sounds about right on both counts. From the Globe.

    But "I never, never in my wildest dreams would have thought Barack Obama," said Elyssa Pachico, 22, a humanities major who will graduate Sunday. "The reaction here is just a combination of thrill and shock ... It's like Santa Claus is coming to commencement. It's better than Santa Claus! It's very exciting."


    Throughout yesterday, Kennedy's aides in Washington were busy accepting a bipartisan outpouring of baked goods from his Senate colleagues. The offerings included doughnuts and pizza from Senator Mike Enzi, bagels and cream cheese from Senator Barbara Mikulski, and homemade brownies baked by Senator Sherrod Brown's wife, Connie Schultz.