Monday, May 05, 2008

Because a proper lady always has a cake ready for company

While Steve and Inder have been a whirlwind of parties and art openings, I was perfectly content to fill my Sunday with a trip to the farmers market, a beer in the sunny backyard, and a VHS of City on the Edge of Forever I picked up at the store.

Then tonight I baked a chocolate cake. Just to break in my pretty new bundt pan. (The previously featured Lithuanian coffee cake, while tasty, suffered some unfortunate oven temperature mishaps and entered the world in a form more resembling crumble than bundt.) No sooner had I whipped up some cream and started on a strawberry coulis than Natalia and Robin popped by for a visit! They helped me decorate, document, and devour.


Cake. Another Veganomicon success. Recipe here.

R digs into her slice.

N feels accomplished as she displays her clean plate.

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  1. The cake photo made me gasp in admiration, and the smile on your face brought a big one to mine. Veganomicon? I think I need this cookbook...