Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hi ho, it's back to Houston we go

(Figured I'd better squeeze in a weekend rundown before Rebecca gets a chance to one-up me with her crazy Ecuadorian reunions and such...)

So in a feat of brilliant planning, I managed to fit in my second six-hour round-trip drive to Houston just days after my first. R and I took our second biannual trip out of Austin to see Radiohead, which played out much as our first one did: he bought two tickets, told me he'd pay for my ticket and a hotel room if I came with him, and I came with him. At least we didn't have to fly to California this time. And I have to admit, the show was terrific. I'm not sure if it truly was infinitely better than the one we saw in San Diego, or if I'm just the kind of old-fashioned girl who believes that being able to actually see a band (as opposed to the back of the heads of the tallest men in the audience, who have all decided that in front of you is a fantastic place to stand) when you go to their show adds a lot to the whole concert experience, but I enjoyed myself immensely. Probably not as much as Richard, who maybe hasn't been that excited since he asked if he could wear my old ring and I told him he could keep it back in ought-six -- there were times last night when I feared I might have lost my fiance forever to Radiohead's lead singer if only Thom Yorke had said the word; fortunately, however, Mr. Yorke was much too busy playing to make a pass at any audience members, so I escaped with my engagement still intact -- but immensely nonetheless.

We managed to squeeze in a little sightseeing as well... Saturday afternoon I agreed to not complain (much) when we took the St. Arnold's Brewery tour, and in exchange R gamely found us a museum to visit on Sunday afternoon. (The Menil; it was a really nice private collection, made even better by the fact that our walk there took us past a store called The Chocolate Bar, which is the sort of place where you pause to glance at the window display and end up leaving full of ice cream. I have no idea how that happened.)

And so went my second trip to Houston. Okay, Rebecca, your turn.



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  1. I think it's time you invited guest bloggers to discuss their trips to Houston. You mix things up a little.