Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In which I do not take a trip to Houston.

Well! I hate to disappoint, but my weekend was decidedly less whirlwind than expected, largely because I didn't actually hang out with Rebeccas on Saturday night or meet them in the city for Bay to Breakers on Sunday, or meet KT's little Shane at all. Turns out my energy peaked at my last blog entry. My poor homebody self was just too oversocialized after the big concert and working Saturday, that I just had to sleep from approximately 8 pm til 11 am, and only leave my bed for farewell Thai food in Berkeley. But there was still much R^3 reunion fun had by all. Now we have dispersed again, to great lamentation. Tall R is done with her first year of law school and is just about ready to jet down to Ecuador for the summer, Becky is back in her native Wisconsin, and short R (saddest. nickname. ever.) is back to work. We're suddenly shorthanded, so I've got loads of evening shifts at the bookstore til school is out. The upside is no more Monday shifts, which means I get to sing weekly now! The downside is no house dinners for me in the near future. (Though if it means continuing to miss out on adventures in pest control, I won't complain too loudly...) Overworked or no, I still plan to ring in Memorial Day properly with the first jam of the season. Woo!

I leave you with more Juanes. From our concert this time. (Es posible tener demasiado Juanes? Creo que no.)


  1. Ah, adventures in pest control...the origin of "jar food".

  2. ¡Que bueno! y ahora Juanes estan en España por dos meses. Gordo y Flaco hacía una entrevista.