Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial weekend roundup

Let's hear it for holiday weekends, which allow me to pretend to be something resembling an actual blogger! Relatedly, let's hear it for organizations that are only patriotic on three-day weekends. Hip hip hooray for all of the above.

As mentioned, R&I spent Friday night at Colorado Bend State Park. We pitched our tent in a well-insulated clearing for whose protection we would have been grateful had it been, oh, say, forty below and windy - but which in reality only made our tent 90 degrees AND completely airless. (Somehow this didn't stop us from sleeping for 11 hours, though. We woke up smug and sweating at 8:30am the following morning.) We did some hiking, and also went wading in the mighty Colorado, which maxed out at maybe a foot and a half deep out in the center of the river, but still provided some nominal refreshment. We were, however, the only people out in that part of the water, so I became immediately convinced that there must be something scary everyone else knew about that we didn't... I wasn't sure whether I should be worrying about water snakes, alligators, scorpions - do scorpions swim? - giardia, or undertow, so I decided to worry about all of them, just to be on the safe side. We emerged from the water totally unscathed, I can only assume thanks to my constant vigilance ("Richard, did you feel something? Richard, why are we the only ones out here? Richard, am I going to get a terrible disease through the cut on my ankle?"). Nature in Texas DOES tend to run on the dangerous side (one of the parents at the preschool where I worked told me that when he first moved to Texas from California, his brother, who already lived here, warned him that "everything in Texas either bites, stings, or sticks," and I have so far not experienced any natural element that has disproved this statement) so I felt completely justified in my stress levels. Well, I'm pretty sure alligators don't live in this part of Texas.

Oh! And after two and a half years in Texas, we finally saw our first armadillos! About damn time!

There were actually lots of them waddling around all over the place - we even saw some cute little babies snuffling for their dinner. Now all I have to see is some tumbleweed and all of my Texas stereotype sightings will be complete.

R had to work Sunday so we came back into town on Saturday. Yesterday I started on some severely needed housecleaning projects, including but not limited to washing the shower curtain and scooping the ants out of the honey jar before R (who tends to be more squeamish on the insect front than I; it compensates for my utter unmanliness in all things regarding our car or our finances) saw them and refused to eat any honey ever again. Yesterday evening we went to see a free performance of "Much Ado About Nothing" in the park with Alexa... I don't like Shakespeare, but I do like picnics, so it all evened out. Afterwards I met up with my friend Noelle who I haven't seen in months and closed down several bars with her (which sounds much more badass than it actually was, since it was Sunday and most of the bars were closing early anyways). Today's big plans include washing all the cigarette smoke out of my hair, eating the last package of kimchi ramen left over from our camping trip that R is making for us right now, and luxuriating in my last day off. A bad movie might be in order. We shall see. Happy Memorial Day!




  1. Weird coincidence: Al and Jackson and Belle and I just saw tumbleweed in MASSACHUSETTS and couldn't believe our eyes. Enjoy the last bit of your long weekend! <3<3B

  2. I was just going to leave the same message! It was the Wild West of Concord, MA.

  3. Saddest. Thing. Ever. I just wrote an adorably verbose comment for your reading pleasure, only to realize I was logged in under Chris's identity, and when I tried to log in as me, all was lost.
    To recap:
    a) 2 1/2 years in Texas? I could have sworn you were just dancing with Wolfgang in Ballyvaughan, like, last weekend.
    b) I scooped ants out of MY honey jar on the weekend too!
    c) Wouldn't you think jobless Carly might consider updating her own dang blog, rather than commenting at length on yours? Alas.

  4. DANCING WITH WOLFGANG IN BALLYVAUGHAN!!! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited you resurrected that memory for me.

    P.S. Update your own dang blog!