Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photo of the Day:

August, senior year, 60 Home Ave.

PS Obligatory Pioneer Valley shoutout: I saw "Young @ Heart" the other day. It was OUTSTANDING. I literally laughed and cried my way through the whole dang thing. I also behaved very well and only poked Jessica, my unfortunate seatmate, twice - once when they drove by the old PVPA building, and the first time they showed Dan R. doing sound. All in all, highly recommended, even if you've never shared a stage with them at Northampton's Ed Sullivan Variety Show (Noho repreSENT!!!).

PPS Just in case you need more convincing... Interspersed throughout the film were these AMAZING music videos that the chorus did for some of the songs they sing. Thanks to the magic of YouTube, I now present to you I Will Survive/Staying Alive and Road to Nowhere. They're INFINITELY better if you've already seen the movie and know some of the characters, but even if you haven't they're so. Worth. It.


  1. Aww, 60 Home!!!!! That godforsaken hellhole. Back when I actually had the long hair in the family. Also, I love that the photographer is so easily identified by his tshirt's reflection.

    YAH is playing at the new theater by the bookstore and I can't wait to see it!

    If I stop blogging forever, will you keep entertaining me/the nation? Thanks.

  2. Is there any irony intended in a posting talking about a film entitled "Young@Heart" that is topped by a photograph of a group of youngsters looking tired, bored and full of ennui? (or is that angst? no, no, it's definitely not angst. way too lethargic for angst and no one's wearing black)

  3. We're just three old souls, my friend. Just three old souls. (And yeah, we were way too lazy for angst. As R&R can attest, there was plenty of angst residing at 60 Home, but very little of it came from us...)

  4. Wow, props to Rebecca for noticing the reflected T. Highly amusing, that. I almost wish I had a trademark fashion choice, so I could be as recognizable.

    Do you wish that you were going to spend more than eight hours on the road tomorrow to spend two hours or less babysitting for TG? I'm guessing the answer is yes, as mine was. (She is, after all, pretty damn cute.)


    PS I love this picture.