Friday, June 06, 2008

Come raise the song for Wesley-a-na...

Sadly, that - the first line of our Alma Mater - was the best Wesleyan-themed title I could come up with. Infinitely more sad is the fact that I actually remember even more lyrics than that. In fact, I could probably sing you the alto line of the entire first verse and refrain if you asked me to. Which I know you won't. (Well, Rebecca and Lauren might. But mostly for nostalgia's sake, and only partly to laugh at me.)

The whole point of my Wesleyan-themed title is to rejoice in the weirdness of the fact that in the span of one week, I hung out with two separate people from my college-singing past who surfaced in Austin out of the blue after I hadn't seen either of them in years. First was Kristin from my acapella group, who's in Austin studying for the Texas Bar before moving down near the border where she got a job doing immigration law. Next was PC from Wesleyan Singers (thanks for giving her my email, Lo!), who was in town visiting a high school friend and is just as fabulous as I remembered. In honor of Singers, here's one of Rebecca's old photos that I'm stealing. Alto power alto pride!

In between dates with People From My Past, R&I also drove out to an old dancehall in Uhland (pronounced yoo-lin... if "Don't Mess With Texas" ever goes out of style, I'd like to nominate "Texas: The Place Where You Don't Pronounce Anything The Way It Looks" as a new unofficial state motto) with some friends for a little drinkin, dancin, domino-in, and general good-timin. Fun fact: I'm pretty sure I was the only person in the entire town who had been to a drag king show the night before. I am nothing if not subversive.

Okay, savor this post while ye may since it might be the last you hear from me for a while... I have some busyness coming up, but I'll rely on my charming co-host to entertain you for the next week or so.

Happy Friday!



  1. 1) "Time ne'er shall shake our deep devotion, our deathless love for Wesleyan..." That's the best line. Too bad we both only know the alto part or we could harmonize on the blog. And hey, at least we don't have any dorky hand motions to go with the song, nor is our song about someone notorious for killing Indians. (I'm looking at you Williams and Amherst...)

    2) ALTOS!!!!!!!!!!!

    3) I love that this is the exact conversation I had with you last week, in blog form.

  2. aww l, r and k and altos and the random dude. the random dude!!

  3. Ha, at first I got all offended on behalf of Caroline (standing, far right), the most easily-mistaken-for-a-dude possibility that I could come up with, but then I realized you were talking about the ACTUAL gentleman in the picture. Ah yes.

  4. I wish so much that we had managed to capture someone fabulous and memorable like jpk or crying colin, but instead it really is just a random dude. from the orchestra, presumably.

  5. or better yet, matthias. mmmm, tenor entrances. confutatis...