Friday, June 20, 2008 in the shining city, here in the endless summer...

Inspired by Rebecca, I've been spending the past couple of hours attacking the squalor that is our house. No before & after pictures, sadly, because you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. But I figure if I start now I'll have just about enough time to get the house into a presentable state by the time everyone descends on Austin for the wedding in November.

Among this evening's many accomplishments, I've managed to: a) transfer all the cardboard recycling from a small paper bag into a bigger paper bag; b) gather together a huge pile of R's assorted paperwork (bills, etc.) and put them into a third, larger, paper bag for him to deal with; and c) eat some watermelon. It's been a hell of a night. Now, basking in the sweat of a hard day's work (not to be confused with the sweat of a hard day's karate, which is generally associated with attending karate class in a non-air-conditioned dojo in Central Texas in the middle of the summer), I've decided to add to my list of accomplishments by posting. However, since I clearly have absolutely nothing interesting to say, this'll be a short one.

Of note, I did make my first trip to New Orleans since last we spoke, to attend an excellent conference. Gumbo and white bread abounded. I also attended one brunch, one lunch, one birthday party, one BLT-and-dominoes party, one happy hour, the state Democratic convention, and Pride Fest. All of which have made me crave nothing more than spending Friday night sorting the recycling and eating watermelon. Maybe I'll carry on the grand Katie-and-Rebecca-Friday-night tradition and do a load of laundry. Just for old time's sake.

I now leave you with me and the most excellent PC, from when she visited Austin a few weeks back:


  1. PC!

    I also did a load of laundry tonight! Best. Tradition. Ever.

  2. You're both wearing green t-shirts. Why.

  3. Because we are both awesome. Clearly.

    Hey, what's your new job that you're starting?